Project Description

Several years before Mom needed to move to a care residence we began visiting several highly regarded places in and around Pasadena. Regency Park Oak Knoll met and exceeded everything on our list.

As Mom’s dementia increased and it became clear that she could no longer live alone, we knew that Regency Park Oak Knoll was the best next home for her. Within just the first few weeks of Mom’s move, we learned how important the things are that Regency Park Oak Knoll does that we never considered and could not have known until Mom actually lived there. And that is: how much they care for not just the resident, but also the family. We get timely and detailed reports so that we can communicate with Mom’s doctor, frequent communication about effects of any medication changes, observations about how Mom is doing in her daily life, and detailed information about interaction with staff and other residents. We receive input from all departments. Regardless of who answers the phone when I call, they know immediately who I am, who Mom is, and give me a quick report about how she’s doing that day before they transfer my call to her.

It is so reassuring to know that your loved one is not just being “looked after” but genuinely cared for and of interest to those who work there so that they can make the resident’s life as good and happy as possible and also reassure the family. Regency Park Oak Knoll is our family and we love them.