Project Description

The staff at Oak Knoll is uniformly trained to provide the best possible service to the residents. I think they go the extra mile to make sure that people who suffer from memory loss, like my loved one, can experience a reduction in the anxiety that people with Alzheimer’s/dementia typically experience. I think they’re tremendously comprehensive in their approach. Everyone is so caring toward the residents. It’s the best one can hope for regarding care of their loved ones who are experiencing extreme memory loss. My loved one tells me the food is good, and I see that they have a varied menu that changes every night. They have some staple dishes that stay the same and then some specials that are offered. They keep the activities stimulating and encourage the residents to recall memories that they find appealing and positive to reflect on. I think that helps with overall anxiety reduction. Memory loss is a terrible thing and understandably generates a lot of anxiety, and they do a great job with their staff training, from top to bottom. They all seem to be on the same page as to what they’re supposed to be doing.